Lithium Rechargeable Battery

Smart Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Kee AA 2400mWh - 4 Pack

4 pack, fast charging USB lithium ion rechargeable batteries. 1,000 + charge cycles.

Charge them as you would your cell phone.


Kee AAA 1000mWh - 4 Pack

Save money and lessen your impact on the environment with these high capacity rechargeable batteries.


Kee AA USB 1800mWh - 2 Pack

Super convenient, Ultra light weight USB charging battery. Plug into any 5v charger for a top up.


A Kee 4 Pack keeps 4,000 disposable batteries out of landfills

What took so long. Amazing product.

P Kersey

Bought them for the family and never worry about scrambling to find batteries. So easy and fast to charge. Thanks Kee

Geri Nichols

Feels better using Kee batteries rather than "hoping" the other batteries I recycled are actually being recycled.

Arthur Bishop