How long does it take to charge Kee rechargeables?

  • Kee rechargeable batteries charge fast! AA batteries can be fully charged in less than two hours while AAA batteries will charge in one hour or less

How many times can I recharge my Kee batteries?

  • Kee batteries can be charged and re-used over 999 times! The savings to your wallet and to our environment are incredible!

What type of charger do Kee batteries use?

  • Kee batteries use a Micro-USB charger, included with every purchase. You can charge up to four batteries at a time using the USB cable.
  • Kee AA USB rechargeable battery has a built in USB plug so no cables are required. Fast, easy and convenient.

What is the difference between regular batteries and Kee rechargeables?

  • There are several key differences between regular alkaline batteries and Kee rechargeables:
    • Lithium-ion batteries offer superior power output compared to regular alkaline disposables
    • Kee batteries can be recharged over 1,000 times
    • Kee batteries will save you money
    • Kee batteries are better for the environment

Can Kee batteries be recycled?

  • Kee batteries can be recycled once they are no longer able to hold a charge. Consult your local listings for how to properly dispose of rechargeable batteries.

 What devices can use key batteries?

  • Any device that uses regular single-use batteries can use Kee rechargeables. Remote controls, gaming systems, smoke detectors, home security, technology – the list is endless!

Can I charge my Kee batteries from my laptop, PC, car etc.?

  • Kee rechargeables can be recharged from any device that supports USB

Can I use my Kee batteries while they are recharging?

  • We do not recommend using Kee batteries while they are charging. It is best to fully charge our batteries before placing them in a device.  This will ensure optimal charge life and optimal power to your devices.

Can I use Kee batteries to charge my cell phone?

  • No, Kee batteries only provide power out and are only meant for devices that use AA or AAA batteries.
Save money, reduce waste, save the environment!