About Us

Keebattery.com is a Canadian company located in beautiful Squamish British Columbia. Living amidst nature in this beautiful part of the world provides a unique perspective on climate change. Over the past few years, Squamish has endured record setting hot and dry temperatures, battled forest fires and smoke-filled skies, and witnessed our glaciers begin to recede. These environmental occurrences are likely due to an increase in greenhouse gases being released into the earth’s atmosphere.

The community of Squamish takes environmental issues very seriously and has undertaken a plan to mitigate climate change through changes in human behavior. Keebattery.com is contributing to the effort by providing green technology that will have an immediate, positive impact on the lives of Canadian consumers and our environment.

By joining us in the shift from single-use disposable batteries to Kee rechargeable batteries, you’ll be helping to reduce the impact on local landfills, which in turn will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gases. Just one Kee battery can eliminate 999 disposable batteries from your local landfill!

Join Keebattery.com in making a difference by purchasing your first pack of Kee rechargeable batteries today!

Save money, reduce waste, save the environment!

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